Frequently asked questions

1 Pressure

Why did steam clouds shoot out of the ground during the collapse of the South Tower?

  • the explosion pressure in bedrock takes every possible upwards way out

In the case of the South Tower, the connection between explosive charge and elevator shafts was not sealed entirely. As a consequence, the excess pressure could also escape next to the building.


Why did the destruction process start at the top and not at the bottom?

  • the destructive pressure equalization was initially only visible at the impact point at a height of approx. 330 m
    – above the impact point, black: vaporized steel
    – below the impact point, white: pulverized facade

The uprising column of hot gas and pulverized material shot up inside the building so quickly that the effects on the ground were negligible in the initial 5 seconds. The explosion-like pressure equalization in a height of 330 m then destroyed the collapsing building from top to bottom.


Why did the buildings not burst at the base?

  • the explosion pressure is initially completely absorbed by the bedrock. It is not until then that an excess pressure mixture of gases is formed that rises vertically with the dust just like a fountain.

If the nuclear weapon is located deep enough (approx. 50 m down in the granite ground), the surrounding bedrock acts like the explosion compartment of a gun


Why was the dust cloud split in two?

  • a central black column consisting of steel dust is located in the center, material is eruptively thrown to the outside in a high arc

Technically this is simply a huge fountain. The fountain shoots up out of a nozzle and, depending on the deviations of the inclination angle, the collapsing material forms a parabola


2 Heat

Why did liquid steel pour out of the South Tower before the collapse?

  • The melting of steel requires a highly reactive [chemical] or nuclear process. Burning fuel does not do it.

Deposits of highly reactive thermite were found in the dust, thermite is a substance that can melt iron (chemically) when reacting


Why did the steel components continue to be red-hot for months in the ground?

  • the explosion caused the formation of a melting pot under each of the three towers

The buildings sank in this pot of molten steel and molten granite. Wreckage was only visible at the surface. As the surrounding rock was heat insulating, the metal continued to be red-hot for a long time.


Why did the vaporized iron not light up in a yellow fireball?

  • the vaporized iron forms microscopic droplets. In the air, these droplets cool down very quickly and solidify

Already at a temperature of 500 °C, these iron droplets appear as black cloud column above the center of explosion

ShortClip @36:33:

Why did first responders in the North Tower survive the inferno (stairwell B)?

  • hard neutron radiation and material ejection from the crater shot upwards vertically and destroyed the building

The building was not a melting furnace but was exposed to destructive radiation only for split seconds. This acts target-oriented like a microscopic machine gun or a strong laser. Any person right next to the crater could survive at ground level.


Was the dust cloud really hot?

  • First responders very close to the center of the explosion suffered burns because of the pyroclastic flow

Eyewitness reports on this are documented among others in the 9/11 TORONTO REPORT (page 230 / page 231).


3 Radioactivity and Cancer

Are Geiger counters useless in this case?

  • they are useless when testing the steel beams or the iron dust on the street.
    At the center of the explosion (in the bedrock), the radiation values are certainly very high and are indicated correctly.

A Geiger counter cannot identify stable iron isotopes, it remains silent


Is there any indication on radioactivity at all?

  • CCD cameras located directly in the dust cloud recorded flashes for several seconds. This phenomenon is called scintillation

During the explosion of a nuclear weapon, a scintillation can be brought on by an electron, an alpha particle, an ion or a high-energy photon. The degree of the measurable scintillation depends on the distance to the center of the explosion



Were there any warnings and precautionary measures?

  • in 1997 FEMA published a handbook showing the WTC in cross-hairs at the cover Among others, the book contains an explanation on how radioactive radiation acts and how people can protect themselves from it

After the destruction of the WTC, the subject “Radioactivity” was avoided. On September 18, 2001, Christie Todd Whitman declared on behalf of the EPA that "the air is safe to breathe”


4 Planes

Why were planes flown into the towers before detonating the nuclear weapon?

  • both towers were originally sealed hermetically, air was supplied via air conditioning systems. Without the presence of an upward delivery channel, the towers would have burst at the base

For the formation of a chimney, both towers had to be opened at the top and the elevator shafts had to be connected forming a channel


Why could the planes made of aluminum penetrate the steel framework?

  • a plane flying against a steel wall is compressed and torn apart into pieces. It then falls down the steel wall

The planes collided with a sieve-structure made of steel. Just like when passing quinces through a sieve while making jam, plane parts were squeezed through the cracks. Jet engines broke through the boltings.

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5 Vibrations and energy curves

Were the vibrations not far too weak for an underground explosion of a nuclear weapon?

  • at a distance of 34 km the seismic station in Palisades registered an earthquake with magnitude 2,1 and 2,3 on the Richter scale, which is nearly not noticeable

An earthquake is a massive, but uniform movement with low single-point energy, totally different to an explosion. In the latter case single-point energy is very high, appearing weak only when being monitored from the distance.


Why did the towers shake 10 seconds before the collapse?

  • after the explosion the pulse response of the rock needs about 10 seconds to make the material inside the towers rise upwards to a height of 300 m

The bedrock initially absorbs the energy of the explosion and quakes. It is not until then that the pulse response of the ground starts, i. e. it transfers the filtered energy to the inside of the tower.

Energy curves:

6 Noise

What is the reason that no explosion bang was heard during the destruction of the towers?

  • The dismemberment of the towers was accompanied by a muffled growling sound and a hollow roar, just like during a horrible storm the howling of a hurricane

The “soundless” destruction was possible because the bedrock absorbs the explosions energy as well as the sound. It is only the subsequent pulse response that makes the material shoot up, just like in a huge wind tunnel the airflow rushes to the top through the inside of the building.

Audio Sample:

7 Paper and steel dust

Why was steel pulverized, paper however did not burn?

  • Iron absorbs the energy of a nuclear radiation pulse. Paper cannot absorb this energy and is thus not destroyed. This destruction process is called ‘molecular dissociation’, the crystal lattice disintegrates

No existing explosive or chemically reactive material is able to vaporize iron and disintegrate crystal structures while leaving paper undamaged AT THE SAME TIME. This can only be done by nuclear weapons



8 Dust analysis and the ‘nuclear fingerprint’

Was the WTC dust examined for nuclear fission products?

  • yes, because every nuclear explosive device leaves a “nuclear fingerprint”.
    This is a special mixture of radioactive elements

The nuclear fingerprint was verified by the USGS, all elements of the radioactive process of disintegration exist


9 Electromagnetic EMP pulse

Why was there no failure of electronic devices in Manhattan?

  • the explosion of a nuclear weapon triggers an electromagnetic pulse that destroys all electronic devices within a wide radius. Such observations were not made

In addition to the steel core, the buildings had an outer web-like structure consisting of steel girders forming a Faraday cage. A radiant flux is trapped in such a structure.


What is the evidence for radiation exposure?

  • Vehicles close to Ground Zero suddenly burst into flames

Obstacles [mounds of soil] prevented an inflammation, similar to the casting of shadows (directional inflammation)


How is it possible that the leaves of trees close to the WTC were still green?

  • The energy absorption of a short radiation pulse is particularly strong in the case of thin, metal-coated objects (casing of a car)

Being already filtered several times, the residual radiation did not suffice to heat up the water in the leaves to a critical temperature


10 Prior knowledge of the CIA / of the Mossad

How much the CIA know beforehand?

  • former CIA employee Susan Lindauer was warned about traveling to New York by her superior Richard Fuisz

The reason stated was the expected use of miniature nuclear devices in New York and the fear of the fallout.


What did the Mossad know beforehand?

  • Several Mossad agents were arrested on 9/11 after filming and celebrating the planes crashing into the buildings.

Sivan Kurzberg, the driver of the van arrested at gunpoint by Scott DeCarlo [New Jersey Police] stated: "We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem."


11 Responsibility of the US government

Why did Geoge W. Bush not try to avert the coup?

  • the actual coup already took place in 1913 with the private banks coming into power. The government is thus infiltrated by an internal and an external enemy

The real culprit however is George W. Bush, guilty of deception and of being an opportunist who did not stand up to the processes for reasons of personal cowardice.


Why did the US government not try to evacuate New York residents, on the contrary, even persuaded them to stay?

  • Antidemocratic and inhuman elements wanted to set an example. The US government merely obeyed these elements

A society that kills its best men. Letting a plane crash into a building, detonating a nuclear weapon as soon as the rescue teams are in the building, having other uninformed and unprotected rescue parties enter the radioactive cauldron and subsequently passing a law that excludes financial support for first responders who have cancer – all these facts are tale telling.


12 Proof and acceptance

What can still be proven today?

  • the steel of the WTC was removed hastily and shipped to China to be remelted. All evidence thus seems to be destroyed

Any modern isotopes laboratory can however prove the use of a nuclear weapon by means of ground samples and by analyzing the conserved iron dust.


Why are facts being denied?

  • social processes of denying facts are definitely possible, especially when the accepted world view would change radically otherwise

Processes of awareness that endanger power and authority of a ruling class progress slowly. Just think of the shift from the geocentric to the heliocentric model of the universe.


13 Israel & 9/11

What part did Israel play in the 9/11 crimes?

  • many Zionists wish for an Israel with borders defined by historical traditions (The Greater Israel Project).
    This wish does not only make the Israel government the playing field of the global, medial political crime cartel of private banks that can easily pretend to make this wish come true.

Positions of power at organizations decisive for the cover-up of 9/11 are verifiably held by Zionists who, according to Jimmy Carter, eventually endanger the existence of Israel.



Does the Western World strategically use death squads for nuclear attacks under false colors?

  • Michael Chertoff – a sayan – is the US Secretary of Homeland Security. When meeting with reporters of the ‘Chicago Tribune’ in July 2007, Chertoff said he had a “gut feeling” that times of increased [terror] threats were about to begin

In JUNE 2014 Dick Cheney predicted an attack for this decade that will be ‘far deadlier’ than 9/11. This would be a nuclear weapon attack.



What is the probability of an attack by terrorist groups with nuclear weapons?

  • There are more and more reports on terrorist groups that are able to start a nuclear attack against the Western civilization and the EU/NATO alliance

Photos showing ISIS mercenaries with carrier rockets equipped with nuclear warheads are absurd. In the meantime Russia provided evidence that these groups are vastly supplied with weapons by Turkey and the US. A nuclear attack – if carried out – is controlled by the cartel.


14 The Cartel

What is the global, medial-political crime cartel of private banks?

  • the cartel controls the cash generation, it is suspected to be based in the City of London [exterritorial county, does not belong to Great Britain].
    An educational system aimed at the concentration of power or debt interest slavery ultimately enables total control over all nations

The destruction of the democratic liberal order in the US and Europe due to staged terror and forced mass migration is required to reach a new world order for the benefit of the cartel



15 Control mechanisms and symbolism of the cartel

How does the cartel exercise control in the decisive corridors of power?

  • Money and power are only one part of the control mechanism in the decisive hubs. Another important factor is: Fear and shame

Controlling people by means of instilled fear and shame is a very old strategy. Complicity in criminal actions plays an important role to force the members of the cartel to further cooperation.



What symbolism does the cartel use?

  • the symbol of the devil (Baphomet), the one-eyed skull (Skull&Bones), the eye in the pyramid and the eye of providence play an important role in the symbolism

Both George W. Bush and his cousin John Kerry are members of the ’Order of Skull&Bones’. Many popular politicians and business leaders are controlled by this secret society.




16 Maneuvers against the cartel

What can individuals do against the criminal cartel of private banks?

  • Controlled mass media are the real weapons of the cartel against the people.
    Renunciation of the mass media, spreading of information on the cartel’s crimes and a conscious withdrawal of proprietary capital from the system are a very good means

Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826): Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.


Why is it not enough that crimes are detected by individuals?

  • Individuals like Edward Snowden position themselves against the servants of the cartel and the life-or-death-struggle is real. What people are not aware of is that the fight reminds of Roman circus fights. Panem et circenses

Whose fight is being reported on is still determined by the cartel. 9/11 is a taboo issue as it would turn the masses against the cartel itself.


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